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Weeks 21-25

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December 24 has an interesting trait.  December is the 12th month, and the 24th day is a multiple of the 12th month.  How many days in a year are multiples of their month?

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You begin walking on a road. You travel 78 feet during the first minute, 85 feet the second minute, 92 feet the third minute, increasing 7 feet each minute.  If the total time you traveled is 8 minutes, how far did you walk?

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Based on the numbers in the first three 2 x 2 grids, determine the missing number in the fourth grid.


8 2
9 1


2 4
3 6


3 3
4 4


3 2

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What is the sum of the least and greatest two-digit prime numbers whose digits are also prime? (Hint: 0 and 1 are not prime numbers.)

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Remove the letters from the sentence below so that it is still a true statement.  A Roman may have a hint for you.


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