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Chapter One (Vocab)


Chapter One – Studying Geography




Terms to Identify Sec. 1


Geography- Study of everything on earth.


Perspective- the way a person looks at something


Landscapes- scenery of a place, its physical, human, and cultural features


Cartography- the study of maps or map making


Meteorology- the study of weather


Region- Is an area with one or more common features that makes it different from surrounding areas.  Cities, states, and continents are some examples.


Formal Region- has one or more common features or combination of features that make it different from surrounding areas. Rocky Mountains is an example


Functional Region- These are different places that are linked together and function as one unit. Shopping Malls or suburbs are examples.


Perception- awareness and understanding of the environment around us.


Perceptual Regions- regions that reflect human feelings and attitudes examples are The

Midwest, the South or Dixie


Section Two


Grid- Pattern of lines on a globe


Latitude- East/West Lines


Longitude- North/South lines


Equator- Imaginary line that circles the globe b/w the north pole and the south pole.


Parallels- another name for latitude lines, they are called this because they are always parallel to the equator and each other


Meridians- lines of longitude, measure distances east/west of the Prime Meridian 


Prime Meridian- Imaginary line drawn from the North Pole , through GreenwichEngland to the south pole.


Degrees- distance measured is referred to in degrees the symbols is a small circle.


Hemispheres- globe is divided into halves – Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western.


Continents- 7- Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, South America, Antarctica, Africa.


Atlas- A collection of maps in one book


Map Projections- different ways of presenting our round earth


Great Circle Route- shortest route b/w to places on earth


Compass Rose- arrows that point in all four directions


Legend- identifies the symbols on a map.


Contiguous- connecting or bordering


Precipitation- moisture that falls, rain, snow, sleet, or hail


Topography- elevation, layout, and shape of the land.


Climate graphs- Shows the average temp. And precip in a place.


Population Pyramids- shows the % of males, and females by age group in a country’s population.






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