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Geometry Vocabulary

All definitions can be found in the glossary of the Holt McDougal Mathematics Course 3 textbook

transformation image translation reflection
rotation similar figures corresponding dilation
scale factor line of symmetry rotational symmetry acute angle
right angle obtuse angle straight angle complementary angles
supplementary angles adjacent angles vertical angles congruent angles
parallel lines perpendicular lines transversal alternate interior angles
alternate exterior angles corresponding angles Triangle Sum Theorem acute triangle
right triangle obtuse angle equilateral triangle scalene triangle
isosceles triangle Triangle Inequality Theorem polygon regular polygon
square rectangle rhombus parallelogram
trapezoid quadrilaterals hexagon heptagon
octagon nonagon decagon coordinate plane
x-axis y-axis origin x-coordinate
y-coordinate quadrant Pythagorean Theorem hypotenuse
leg Distance Formula midpoint midpoint formula
correspondence congruent figures    




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