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Geometry Class Expectations


What does Mrs. Mahoney expect?

1.    Be on time.

2.    Be respectful of others.

3.    Be responsible in your actions, words and behavior.


What materials are needed?

  • Holt McDougal Mathematics Textbook, Course 3
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Basic Calculator
  • Notebook and folder

How will I be graded?

20% of your total grade will come from homework assignments

30% of your total grade will come from quizzes and projects

50% of your total grade will come from tests


What will I be learning?

(All standards come from the Nebraska Department of Education web site)

MA 8.1.3.c Calculate squares of integers, the square roots of perfect squares, and the square roots of whole numbers using technology
MA 8.1.3.d
Select, apply, and explain the method of computation when problem solving using rational numbers (e.g., models, mental computation, paper-pencil, technology, divisibility rules)
MA 8.1.3.e
Solve problems involving ratios and proportions

MA 8.2.1 Characteristics: Students will describe, compare, and contrast characteristics, properties, and relationships of geometric shapes and objects.
MA 8.2.1.a
Identify and describe similarity of three-dimensional objects

MA 8.2.1.b Compare and contrast relationships between similar and congruent objects
MA 8.2.1.c
Identify geometric properties of parallel lines cut by a transversal and related angles (e.g., perpendicular and parallel lines with transversals) and angles (e.g., corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior)
MA 8.2.1.d
Identify pairs of angles (e.g., adjacent, complementary, supplementary, vertical)
MA 8.2.1.e
Examine the relationships of the interior angles of a triangle (e.g., the sum of the angles is 180 degrees)

MA 8.2.2.a Use coordinate geometry to represent and examine the properties of rectangles and squares using horizontal and vertical segments

MA 8.2.3.a Identify the similarity of dilated shapes
MA 8.2.3.b
Perform and describe positions and sizes of shapes under dilations (e.g., scale factor, ratios)

MA 8.2.4.a Draw geometric objects with specified properties (e.g., parallel sides, number of sides, angle measures, number of faces)

MA 8.2.5.c Apply the Pythagorean theorem to find missing lengths in right triangles and to solve problems
MA 8.2.5.d
Use scale factors to find missing lengths in similar shapes



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