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Algebra Class Expectations

What does Mrs. Mahoney expect?

1.  Be on time.

2.  Be respectful of others.

3.  Be responsible in your behavior, actions and words.


How will I be graded?

20% of the total grade will come from homework assignments

  • homework can be reworked if the grade is not a 70% or better
  • homework is recorded as a plus, minus circled or minus in the grade book each day
  • homework point totals will be recorded on Infinite Campus at the end of each week

30% of the total grade will come from quizzes and projects

  • quizzes may not be retaken
  • notes may be used on quizzes

50% of the total grade will come from tests

  • tests may be retaken after sufficient re teaching or review has been completed
  • the better of the 2 grades will be recorded
  • notes may be used on tests

Grading scale

90-100 = A    80-89 = B    70-79 = C    60-69 = D    0-59 = F   


What will I be learning?

(All standards come from the Nebraska Department of Education website)

MA 12.1.1 Number System: Students will represent and show relationships among real numbers.
MA 12.1.1.a Demonstrate multiple equivalent forms of irrational numbers 

MA 12.1.1.b Compare, contrast and apply the properties of numbers and the real number system, including rational, irrational, imaginary, and complex numbers

MA 12.1.2 Operations: Students will demonstrate the meaning and effects of arithmetic operations with real numbers.
MA 12.1.2.a Use drawings, words, and symbols to explain the effects of such operations as multiplication and division, and computing positive powers and roots on the magnitude of quantities (e.g., if you take the square root of a number, will the result always be smaller than the original number?)

MA 12.1.2.b Use drawings, words, and symbols to explain that the distance between two numbers on the number line is the absolute value of their difference

MA 12.1.3 Computation: Students will compute fluently and accurately using appropriate strategies and tools.
MA 12.1.3.a Compute accurately with real numbers
MA 12.1.3.b Simplify exponential expressions 

MA 12.1.3.c Multiply and divide numbers using scientific notation
MA 12.1.3.d Select, apply, and explain the method of computation when problem solving using real numbers (e.g., models, mental computation, paper-pencil, or technology)

MA 12.1.4.a Use estimation methods to check the reasonableness of real number computations and decide if the problem calls for an approximation or an exact number (e.g., 10 π (pi) is approximately 31.4, square and cube roots)
MA 12.1.4.b Distinguish relevant from irrelevant information, identify missing information and either find what is needed or make appropriate estimates

MA 12.3.1 Relationships: Students will generalize, represent, and analyze relationships using algebraic symbols.
MA 12.3.1.a Represent, interpret, and analyze functions with graphs, tables, and algebraic notation and convert among these representations (e.g., linear, non-linear)
MA 12.3.1.b Identify domain and range of functions represented in either symbolic or graphical form (e.g., linear, non-linear)
MA 12.3.1.c Identify the slope and intercepts of a linear relationship from an equation or graph
MA 12.3.1.d Identify characteristics of linear and non-linear functions
MA 12.3.1.e Graph linear and non-linear functions
MA 12.3.1.f Compare and analyze the rate of change by using ordered pairs, tables, graphs, and equations
MA 12.3.1.g Graph and interpret linear inequalities
MA 12.3.1.h Represent, interpret, and analyze functions and their inverses
MA 12.3.1.i Determine if a relation is a function
MA 12.3.2 Modeling in Context: Students will model and analyze quantitative relationships.
MA 12.3.2.a Model contextualized problems using various representations (e.g., graphs, tables, one variable equalities, one variable inequalities, linear equations in slope intercept form, inequalities in slope intercept form, system of linear equations with two variables)
MA 12.3.2.b Represent a variety of quantitative relationships using linear equations and one variable inequalities
MA 12.3.2.c Analyze situations to determine the type of algebraic relationship (e.g., linear, nonlinear)
MA 12.3.2.d Model contextualized problems using various representations for non-linear functions (e.g., quadratic, exponential, square root, and absolute value)
MA 12.3.3 Procedures: Students will represent and solve equations and inequalities.
MA 12.3.3.a Explain/apply the reflexive, symmetric, and transitive properties of equality
MA 12.3.3.b Simplify algebraic expressions involving exponents

MA 12.3.3.c Add and subtract polynomials
MA 12.3.3.d Multiply and divide polynomials

MA 12.3.3.e Factor polynomials

MA 12.3.3.f Identify and generate equivalent forms of linear equations
MA 12.3.3.g Solve linear equations and inequalities including absolute value
MA 12.3.3.h Identify and explain the properties used in solving equations and inequalities
MA 12.3.3.i Solve quadratic equations (e.g., factoring, graphing, quadratic formula)
MA 12.3.3.j Add, subtract, and simplify rational expressions
MA 12.3.3.k Multiply, divide, and simplify rational expressions
MA 12.3.3.l Evaluate polynomial and rational expressions and expressions containing radicals and absolute values at specified values of their variables
MA 12.3.3.m Derive and use the formulas for the general term and summation of finite arithmetic and geometric series
MA 12.3.3.n Combine functions by composition, as well as by addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
MA 12.3.3.o Solve an equation involving several variables for one variable in terms of the others
MA 12.3.3.p Analyze and solve systems of two linear equations in two variables algebraically and graphically



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